Renting the Pavilion – Planning an Event at Levitt Pavilion Dayton

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Renting the Pavilion – Planning an Event at Levitt Pavilion Dayton feature image

In addition to our free concert season at Levitt Dayton, community organizations, companies, and individuals often rent the facility to host their events. We’ve had concerts, private dinners, fundraisers, and weddings at this unique outdoor community gathering space.

Step 1: Pick a Date – and a backup/rain date

During the summer, our free series takes up most Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from June through September. Folks looking to rent the venue should look at a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings in the summer. Or a Spring date in May, a Fall date in September or early October would also work for your event. It’s best to book in advance to have time to plan and promote your event. You can book now for Fall 2024 or even Spring 2025.

Also, keep in mind that this is an outdoor venue. We allow our rentals to book a second rain date just in case!

Step 2: Event Objectives & Programming

Now ask yourself some questions:

  • What is the goal of the event?
  • Who will speak/talk?
  • Is there music? Is it a band? Multiple Bands? A DJ? A Spotify playlist?
  • What vendors will be present?

 The answers to all these questions will help better define your event so we can draft a rental quote.

Step 3: Event Budget

Let’s define your budget. Many things go into the cost of renting the facility. Each event is unique. The only way to determine the exact cost is to begin the process by completing the application and then working with our Director of Operations. But we can walk you through that process, so you know what to expect! Is this event free and open to the public, or ticketed? If it’s ticketed, you may need fencing.

Most rentals at the Pavilion that include sound & lighting on the stage will start around $4,000. This could be slightly cheaper if not having a band perform and non-profit rates are available.

A deposit is required to hold the date for your event. The remaining balance of the initial quote is due two weeks before your event. If any other expenses are incurred during your event, you will be billed upon completion of the event.

Something that many folks don’t realize who are new to event planning is that liability insurance is a must. Don’t forget to budget for this when planning your event!

Step 4: Marketing Your Event

Now that you have booked the venue for your event and you are in the planning phase, it is important to remember that just because you have planned your event, it does not necessarily mean that people will show up. You must inform them that your event is happening! In today’s world, people are consuming media through different sources and platforms, which makes it even more important to determine your market of focus and how to reach out to them effectively. Although we are happy to assist you, please be aware that we have a small team that is responsible for promoting an entire concert season. Therefore, we cannot do all the promotion for you. However, here’s what we can do to help!

  • Place your concert in our “Other Events” section on our website once you share a graphic and event information with us.
  • Share your event on social media. When you tag the Levitt Pavilion on Facebook and/or Instagram we will share those posts with our followers as we are able.
  • If you have other, creative ideas we’re all ears! We’re here to help you as we can so just ask. We’re also always happy to consult if you have questions. A well-marketed event at the Levitt Pavilion can attract large, diverse audiences.

Step 5: Host a smooth and wonderful event!

Someone from the Levitt staff and crew will be onsite to help your event day run smoothly from start to finish. We know that you don’t do this 50 days a summer like we do so we are here to make sure that you never feel lost! Event planning doesn’t have to feel scary it is a great way to bring people together, raise money, or even raise awareness for an important cause.

If interested, “request a quote” for your event today by going to A member of our staff will reach out to start the process. We can’t wait to help make your event a success!




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