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Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation

The Levitt Pavilion here in Dayton is part of a growing family of outdoor Levitt music venues and concert sites across America. This year, through permanent Levitt venues, the Levitt AMP Music Series, the Levitt National Tour and select outreach concerts, nearly 500 free Levitt concerts will be presented in 26 towns and cities. Each celebrates its own community and presents high caliber entertainment featuring a rich array of music genres. As coveted anchors of community life, families, friends, and neighbors of all ages and backgrounds come together on Levitt lawns through the power of free, live music. Leading the program’s nationwide growth is the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation, a pioneer in the creative placemaking movement. Learn more at www.levitt.org.

August 23, 2018

The New Old-Fashioned and The Boxcar Suite

Cosmic American power pop for the Age of Aquarius, Boxcar Suite is equal parts paisley, rhinestone and feather boa. The New Old-Fashioned fuses big harmonies, punchy guitars and lyrics firmly rooted in a Midwestern lifestyle, both modern and classic.

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August 24, 2018

Ruthie Foster

The small rural town of Gause, TX, had no chance of keeping the vocal powerhouse known as Ruthie Foster to itself. The worship services at her community church created the foundation of her vocal capabilities, which developed into her own sound, which is unable to be contained within a single genre.

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Hear Upcoming Artists

  1. Romance In The Role - The Boxcar Suite
  2. Time Machine - The Boxcar Suite
  3. 27 - The New Old-Fashioned
  4. Good Company - The New Old-Fashioned
  5. Last Night's Clothes - The New Old-Fashioned
  6. Joy Comes Back - Ruthie Foster
  7. What Are You Listening To? - Ruthie Foster
  8. I Still Pick Up - John King
  9. Never Wanna Be - John King
  10. Big Bang Boom - Big Bang Boom
  11. Hippie Mom - Big Bang Boom
  12. The Stand Up Song - Big Bang Boom
  13. Monster Under The Bed - Big Bang Boom
  14. Liza - Dave Greer's Classic Jazz Stompers
  15. Sweet And Slow - Dave Greer's Classic Jazz Stompers
  16. S'Wonderful - Dave Greer's Classic Jazz Stompers
  17. The Heart That Makes Me Whole - A.J. Croce
  18. The Other Side Of Love - A.J. Croce
  19. Along The Way - The Hunts
  20. Heaven Knows - The Hunts
  21. Hell And High Water - Paulie Cerra
  22. So You Think You're In Love - Paulie Cerra
  23. He's Mine - Ashley Martin
  24. Real - Ashley Martin
  25. Wherever You Are - Thomas Mac
  26. No Strings - Thomas Mac
  27. Devils - Shrug
  28. Long Way Down - Shrug
  29. Radio Madonna - Shrug
  30. Here and Now - Devon Gilfillian
  31. Travelin' Blues - Devon Gilfillian
  32. Troublemaker - Devon Gilfillian
  33. Lemonade - Justin Roberts
  34. Pop Fly - Justin Roberts
  35. Clutch - Huntertones
  36. #Selfiequeen - The Nightowls
  37. Don't It Feel Weird - The Nightowls
  38. Laybackwittit - The Nightowls
  39. Scrape Me Off The Ceiling - The Steel Wheels
  40. Take Me To The Ending - The Steel Wheels
  41. Wild As We Came Here - The Steel Wheels
  42. Till No One Is Free - The Steel Wheels
  43. Delilah - The Rad Trads
  44. Keith Richards & I - The Rad Trads
  45. Since You Been Gone - The Rad Trads
  46. Too Hot - Banana Slug String Band
  47. Safe At Home - Banana Slug String Band
  48. Water Cycle Boogie - Banana Slug String Band
  49. DFUNK PARTY - Dayton Funk All-Stars
  50. Ms. - Dayton Funk All-Stars
  51. Tribute To Roger - Dayton Funk All-Stars
  52. What's Up Tis? - The Sanae-Braxton Collaborative
  53. The Other Side - The Sanae-Braxton Collaborative
  54. The Finer Things - The Sanae-Braxton Collaborative
  55. Sharolyn's Eyes - The Sanae-Braxton Collaborative
  56. Eres una Bomba - Boogát
  57. Sabes Muy Bien - Boogát
  58. Tanto Tattoo - Boogát
  59. Home Again - Derik Nelson & Family
  60. Splinter - Derik Nelson & Family
  61. Western Sky - Derik Nelson & Family

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