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Educational Outreach

At the Levitt Pavilion Dayton, we believe it is important to uplift and empower the youth of our community through music. What began as adjunct to the main mission of the organization in 2018 – with just two artists connecting with students in our community – has now become an integral part of who we are at Levitt Dayton.

In 2019, the program grew, and we connected 11 artists with 471 students in the Dayton area. But it was in 2020 when the world turned upside down that we truly saw how important educational outreach was to our community. When we, as many others, had to rethink our operations, education ended up shining through as we partnered with Art as Mentorship, Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District and PNC Bank to present a free virtual song writing camp and a free virtual fall songwriting program.

It was the educational momentum started in 2020 that propelled the 2021 creation of the Signature Levitt Summer Camp in partnership with Signature Educational Solutions and the OFP Urban Creative Arts program.

As the Levitt Pavilion Dayton continues to grow and change with our community, we aim to grow our educational outreach program to serve the needs of our youth. The students in our community have important things to say and important change to make and we believe that music has the power to spark that change and ignite that voice within them.

Signature Levitt Arts & Music Summer Camp

The Signature Levitt Creative Arts and Music Summer Camp’s objective is to connect students to the ability to create, innovate and explore entrepreneurship through music and creative arts. We want to give students the ability to lift their voices and to unlock their creativity.
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Thanks To Our Donors & Sponsors

With the support of our donors and sponsors, we’re able to provide a high caliber, diverse lineup of free concerts every year for our community.
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