Dayton Impact

Levitt Pavilion Dayton brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to experience free high-caliber concerts and celebrate a shared sense of community. You can hear all types of genres of music at a Levitt Pavilion without having to invest in an expensive ticket. According to Pollstar, the average ticket price for a concert is $86, often making it impossible for a family to experience live entertainment. Levitt Pavilion Dayton will provide our community with over $11 million in programming each year.


Equally important is the heightened sense of community pride generated by Levitt Pavilion Dayton. When the Levitt concerts aren’t in season, the venue is available for use by non-profits and other community groups for events and celebrations, further driving people to the arena from throughout the metropolitan region.


Levitt Pavilion Dayton is an exciting, creative placemaking project, an anchor destination that infuses new energy into the downtown core, strengthening the social fabric of our city and driving further investment and redeveloping in our downtown.


Already, there are transformational projects underway that surround Levitt Pavilion Dayton. The Dayton Arcade, which sits to the northwest of Levitt Pavilion Dayton, is under redevelopment to become an innovation hub that will provide artist housing, maker space, a kitchen incubator, an arts center, restaurant and retail as well as the University of Dayton’s Entrepreneurship program. Across the street from Levitt Pavilion Dayton, the Centre City building is being redeveloped into 130+ market rate apartments with first floor retail and restaurant space.



The Levitt Dayton Mission

The goal of Levitt Pavilion Dayton is to provide access to the performing arts for all and transform a neglected green space into a thriving meeting ground for the region.


Levitt’s primary goals are to:

  • Build community and social interaction among people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Provide free, high-quality concerts for our community to enjoy
  • Increase quality of life for all citizens in the region
  • Create vibrancy in downtown Dayton to assist in revitalization activities


History of Levitt Dayton

In 2016, a group of Daytonians who were familiar with the Levitt Pavilions and the AMP series decided to research whether Dayton could host the AMP series. After experiencing the Levitt Pavilion Dayton, they believed a signature pavilion would be a good fit for our region. With the support from the City of Dayton, they applied to Levitt Foundation to become a Levitt Pavilion city. Our Friends of Levitt Pavilion Dayton Board was established and spent two years raising the $5 million that was needed in order to make this placemaking project a reality. Due to the outpouring community support, we were able to raise the dollars needed quickly; the fastest fundraising period in the Levitt Pavilion family. When our pavilion is completed this summer, we will be the seventh pavilion in the country, alongside cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis, Bethlehem, Arlington, and Westport.




The Mortimer & Mimi Levit Foundation has selected Dayton to receive a Levitt Pavilion and supports its decision with a challenge grant, committing a total of $1,535M in matching funds for renovations and support of FLPD during its first five years of operation. Levitt Pavilions throughout the U.S. have been successful, as they follow a natural model that has been tested over time.


Once a permanent Levitt venue opens, it becomes a magnet for the community. People from throughout the community are involved and invested in the success of the concert series; from volunteers, concertgoers, and donors to community partners and local sponsors. When the Levitt season is not scheduled, the venue is available for use by other organizations such as nonprofits, schools and universities, and community groups for a broad range of events including additional music events, theatrical performances, community programs, festivals, holiday celebrations, and private functions.

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