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All Capital Campaign Donors


City of Dayton
CareSource Foundation
Governor John Kasich
State of Ohio
Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation
Montgomery County
Sinclair Community College
Harry A. Toulmin, Jr. and Virginia B. Toulmin Fund of The Dayton Foundation
University of Dayton


Generous Friends
Dayton Bag and Burlap Co.
Dayton Power & Light Foundation or DP&L Foundation
Heidelberg Distributing Company
Kettering Family Philanthropies
KEY-ADS Outdoor Advertising

Executive Producers

Molly and Steve Cobb
Gosiger Foundation
Hollywood Gaming at Dayton
The Kelchner Family
Premier Health
Lee & Patti Schear Family Foundation
Zorniger Family Foundation


Stephen B. Levitt, MD
Ellen and Jeff Ireland
Fifth Third Foundation
Crawford Hoying
The Janney Family
DRT Holdings, Inc.
Mary H. Kittredge Fund
John Lenz Charitable Fund
Miller-Valentine Group
Shook Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Cy Spurlino
Mr. & Mrs. John N. Taylor, Jr.

Assistant Producers

The Iddings Foundation
Lee Monnin
The Siebenthaler Company
Messer Construction Co.
Kathleen and Marty Carlson
Tom and Ann Becker
Charles Simms Development
Debbie and Bruce Feldman
Greater Dayton LGBT Center
Marilyn and Larry Klaben Family
Thompson Hine LLP
Betsy and Lee Whitney


Cincinnati Bell
Kettering Irrigation and Lighting
Coolidge Wall Co., LPA
Amy and Kevin Deal
Stephanie and Dave Dickerson
DLR Group
Faruki Ireland Cox Rhinehart & Dusing PLL
Houser Asphalt & Concrete
Maureen Lynch & Richard Lapedes
Lion Group, Inc.
Lorenz Corporation
Miami-Valley Area Telugu Association
Oakwood Rotary Foundation
Barbara N. O’Hara
Scenic Solutions
woodard development
Pam and Andy Schwartz


Karen and Kermit Lowery
April and Ron Mescher
Patti Giering
Sonnie and Bill Kasch
Friends at the Levin Family Foundation
Ann Kremer
Abigail and Larry Trittschuh
John and Kathy Jahoda
Donna and Phil Parker
Brock and Margy Anderson
Ardent Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Robert L. Brandt, Jr.    
Butt Construction Co.
Dayton Gastroenterology, Inc.
Sara Guerrero-Duby and John Duby
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Eckstein
Dulie and David Greer
Green Velvet Sod Farms
Rip, Denise & Jonathan Hale
Lisa Hanauer and Sue Spiegel
Kathy and Frank Hollingsworth
Jean and Steve Ireland
Paula and John MacIlwaine
Marion and Tom Metz  
Penni and Bob Morris
Barbara and Jerry Parisi
Kyle McKenzie and Tom Proctor, MD
Marianne and Michael Raab
Christine and Michael Spurlino
TriCom B2B
Lisa and Rob Wagner
The Walbridge Family
Ben Ibebe
Babs and Tom Bettcher
Mr. and Mrs. George Malacos
Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. LeRoy
United Way of the Greater Dayton Area
Michael & Sandy Bashaw and Puzzle of Light
Rob and Jayne Connelly Family Fund
Dr. Michael Ervin
Julie and John Ferneding
Connie Gardner and Leo Flotron
Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton
Mr. William Lienesch
Judy McCormick
Anita Moore
Jon and Diana Sebaly
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Sherriff
Pam and Gary Smiga


Joe Ohlers
Linda and Dan Deitz
Doug Fiely
Kunal Patel and Veer LTD
Sahar Abouchahine-Allan and Patrick Allan
Julia Wallace and Don Campbell
Heapy Engineering Charitable Endowment Fund
Drs. Kirby and Rita Heritage
MB Hopkins
Beverly and Kirk Johnsen
The Kuntz Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parks
The Ringer Family
Felicia and Michael Shane
Lynn and Roberts Wood
Stacia and Brian Wright
Coyne Dentistry
Square One Salon
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Gross
Jonathan Ijaz and Nancy A. Nash
Esther Kadash
Maha Kashani
Sallie and Pete Luther
Megan Cooper and Scott Murphy
Cathy Ponitz
Eleni Prieto
Ann Schenking and Michael Herrlein
Kathy and Dan Beck
Claudia Birch and Dr. Allan Spetter
Jen Cadieux
Carol Clark
Anne and Chris Cowan
Nancy Nerny
Maggie Walsh Cotton
Libby Ballangee
Lori Cohen
Dayton Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter
Vaughn Group, Ltd.
Mary and Tom Bartlett
Victoria Cox
Jill and Sam Davis
Karen Demasi and Thomas Risk
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Donaghy
Steven Donaldson
Don Frericks, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hensley
Marie Iberico
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy LaChance
Laurie and David Leach
Kelly and Joseph Lehman
Stacy Westfall and Karl Leibfacher
Tina McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Meixner
Sharon and Stefan Neumeister
Marlean Ohlweiler
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rollins
Matthew Sauer
Mindy and Tom Tatham
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Turner
Jon Blunt and Rodney Veal
Elizabeth Maimon and Scott McDonald
Becky Benna
Jane Black
Sam Brinker
Dayton Early College Academy (DECA)
Courtney and Eric Deutsch
Adam Ferguson
Sherley Kurtz
Julio Mateo
Scott Mumpower
Danielle Phillips
Craig Schrolucke
Brianne Triappe
Jan Underwood
Vince and Maria Russell
Andrew Wendeln
Heath Gilbert
Tawana Jones
Whitney Saleski
Kimberly Altick
Kirsten Halling and Peter Berwald
Bradley Bossong
J Henninger
Allison Jordan
Mark Lamanna
Mr. and Mrs. George Mikalauskas
Dan Suffoletto
Joanne Troha
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Holt
James Obermeyer
Sunni Russo
Kathy Surico

Major Capital Campaign Donors

2018 Annual Fund Donors

Joanne & Cy Spurlino
Kelly & Tony Taylor
Executive Producers
Dr. Robert L Brandt, Jr.
Ellen & Jeff Ireland
Betsy & Lee Whitney
Amy & Kevin Deal
Lou & Steve Mason
Robert E. Neumeister
Assistant Producers
Rodney Veal
Beverly & Bradley Smith
Jon Hale
Martin N. Nizny
Matthew Dunn
Colleen Ryan
Gary LeRoy
Jen Cadieux
Karen & Kermit Lowery
Liz & AJ Lewis
Pam & Andrew G. Schwartz
Kathy and John Jahoda
The Walbridge Family
Mike & Amy Parks
Mr. & Mrs William Walkup
Don Frericks
Kathy and Frank Hollingsworth
Nancy Nerny
Buddy and Donna LaChance
David & Laurie Leach
Ellie Cross
Megan Cooper and Scott Murphy
Kelly & Joe Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Meixner
Sandy & Bonnie Mendelson
Benevity Fund (Lexis/Nexis)
United Way
Richard Kaiser
April Womack
Bob & Ann Couch
Cindy Parkes
Elysse Winget
Jacque & Dave Fisher
James and Barb Stork
John & Julie Ferneding
Lainie & Grant Dean
Lisa & Don Snapp
Mark & Cindy Garner
Rob & Lisa Wagner
Sam & Jill Davis
Shari Jacobs
Tony Fortune
Elizabeth Ballinger
George Mikalauskas
April & Ron Mescher
Brent Wagener
Dana Sablak
Dave & Stephanie Dickerson
John Buscemi
Kaitlin Schroeder
Nancy & Kevin Robie
Rob Anderson
Rodney Veal
Steven Donaldson
Tonia Fish
Jeff & Marilyn Worley
Ben Riggs
Abbey Brown

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