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Paige Beller / Kyleen Downes

July 20, 2019 | 7:00PM

Paige Beller

Very few musicians can deliver songs that are emotionally vulnerable and simultaneously epic. Very few activists can help organize massive events like Ladyfest Dayton but also find time to tour and juggle multiple bands. Very few people can radiate boundless creativity and power, while still maintaining their inherently friendly, humble nature. Paige Beller captures all these qualities and more in her songwriting, live performances and attitude. 

Deeply rooted in Dayton, OH’s eclectic music scene for well over a decade, she returns with her newest solo EP, Paige Beller…Space Cadet. Like the five of her other major releases, these songs sting you straight in the heart and rock your soul. Imagine drifting endlessly through outer space, with only a strange concoction of thoughts and feelings to entertain you. The live set is equally dynamic, as Beller deploys everything in her instrumental arsenal; from acoustic and electric guitars, to drum kits, a tiny piano, and of course, her iconic voice.

Kyleen Downes

Singer-songwriter Kyleen Downes combines effortlessly upbeat melodies and life lessons retold with subtlety.  In 2016 she took her dream of recording an album and brought it into reality, releasing her debut album “Maybe Sometimes”.  “Maybe Sometimes” reveals a maze of missed opportunities and hesitant hopefulness, with humor and honesty.  She followed up her debut release in 2018 with the EP “FRIENDS.”  It features songs that showcase her classic rock upbringing with a modern pop twist, appealing to a diverse audience of ages and influences. Kyleen is no stranger to performing, whether it is solo or with her band, her infectious pop melodies and natural ease make new fans feel like old friends. As a former military brat, she has come to call Dayton, Ohio home.  Offstage, Kyleen fulfills her childhood dream of being a teacher by teaching private guitar lessons. 

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