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The New Old-Fashioned and The Boxcar Suite

August 23, 2018 | 7:00PM

The New Old-Fashioned fuses big harmonies, punchy guitars and lyrics firmly rooted in a Midwestern lifestyle, both modern and classic. Reminiscent of the heartland rock and Americana of artists like Tom Petty, the Eagles, the Old 97s and Wilco, the New Old-Fashioned plays what it knows: catchy, no-frills rock and roll. The band’s second full-length album, Low-Down Dirty Summer Nights, expands and evolves the Americana sound that first appeared on its self-titled debut in 2012 by cranking up the guitars and adding some R&B influences.

Cosmic American power pop for the Age of Aquarius, Boxcar Suite is equal parts paisley, rhinestone and feather boa. With Further In and Farther Out, the Boxcar Suite deliver their second full-length album, with a fully formed rock and roll band enjoying the arrival of their realized sound. It holds true to the song-oriented approach common to frontman Tim Pritchard’s previous work, and generally indicative of admiration for writers such as Gram Parsons or Gene Clark but turns sonic favor toward 70’s stadium heroics and 90’s power pop revivalism, embellished by steel guitar, keys, harmonized leadwork and stacked vocal harmonies. Though more focused than previous efforts there are still apparent hints of country, folk and psychedelia.

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